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Côtes de Provence

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Our wines

The voluntary decision to limit our harvests allows us to offer provincial quality wines which were created in harmony with nature. Since 2011 we are officially qualified as an organic producer. To conserve the originality of a specific grape within its own ground field , we harvest and ferment them separately. This procedure is an ideal base for the production of our wines.


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Cuvées Evasion

Our Cuvée Evasion offers the best in harmony with the nature. These well balanced and complex wines  are the perfect paring for different meals and menus. Many gastronomes are valued clients who recommend and serve our Cuvées Evasion.

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Cuvées Voltige and Muse

Our wines Voltige and Muse are excellent when having a nice social  event with friends but as well with trendy meals of modern cuisine.

Organic wine since 2011
Domaine Lolice Wine Evasion Rosé
Evasion Rosé

An extraordinary rosé wine with an expressive and elegant taste. This is a wine from our richest grounds which are (since 2013) a part of the Appellation "Cotes de Provence Pierrefeu". Shining rosé with an intense and complex taste, this rosé  offers a flowering fruity aroma. One can find tastes of honeysuckle, peach and exotic fruits.
Our rosé Evasion is the perfect company for meals with character based on scallops, fish or white meat dishes. This wine accompanies as well different desserts.

Our Evasion rosé has won several prizes!

Voltige Rosé

This rosé is characteristic with its pink colored shine and nuances of Litchi. The taste is intensive and rich, expressed by a fruity and flowery note of peach, litchi, pink grapefruit and white flowers.
On the pallet, the Voltige rosé is full of character and in the finish tasteful and fruity.
This wine pares very well with starter meals, vegetables, grilled fish and exotic specialities but accompanies as well cakes and desserts.

Wine Evasion White
Evasion White

This is an elegant white gourmet wine. It has an intense and complex bouquet with flowery tastes (honeysuckle and hawthorn). It’s aroma is of ripe fruits (pink grapefruit, mango, pear and peach.) This white wine is a perfect company for fish, shell fish, and white meat.

Voltige White

A golden shining wine with green light reflexes. Our Voltige white is not only attractive in appearance. Its unique taste is reminiscent of aromatic citrus fruits and fresh almonds. Your pallet will appreciate its fruity taste. The Voltige white is the ideal company for an aperitif with oysters, fish or grilled gambas. It goes perfectly as well with fresh or aged goat cheese.

Wine Evasion Red
Evasion Red

Our Evasion red wine is a multi-leveled and noble wine from the barrique. The unique characteristics of Evasion red is created through spicy tastes of cinnamon, licorice and vanilla. The wine is then pared with aromas from blackberry and currant berries. The Evasion red is perfect with red meat, lamb, and game.

Muse Red

The color of this wine is ruby red. Its spicy taste is full of red fruits  - black cherries, raspberries  and currant berries. In its finish one can taste traces of berries,  pepper and licorice.
The softness and dynamic of the Muse red makes it an ideal accompaniment
for roastbeef, lamb, duck or a cheese plate.


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Olive oil

The olive tree, historically seen als sacred plant, shapes the Provence and its landscape. it is also a symbol of peace and wisdom. It is part of our tradition of patience as well. We take our olives to a private mill to guarantee a high-quality olive oil. Our olive oil which you can buy at our vineyard will inspire delicious recipes.

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