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Côtes de Provence


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Because we respect nature

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Our vineyards are situated in the heart of the "Cote de Provence". The warm and windy climate offers the best conditions for the growing of our wine stocks and allows us to harvest a very high quality of grapes. The majority of our wine fields have a very dry, clay and chalky ground which initiates a deeply rooted wine stock. Therefore, precious minerals are extracted from the ground and give our wines that unique taste.
In 2003, thirty wine producers from Puget-Ville and the surrounding communities Cuers and Pierrefeu engaged to obtain the recognition of the Cotes de Provence "Pierrefeu" which started in 2013 with its first production. This is a division within a large area "Cotes de Provence" and is proof of the regional quality.

We are a family-owned vineyard which is situated in Puget-Ville in the heart of the department Var.
We took over the original vineyard of 6 hectares in 1998. The production was exclusively for the local wine cooperation. We always had the vision to produce our own wine, so in 2002, we started with the first production.
Today , we own over 17 hectares and can offer a vast array of different wines.
For us it was important that besides cultivating, we remained a family-owned company. Since 2006 the whole production is completed on our premises and we would be very happy to invite you in our own wine cellar which is surrounded by our picturesque wine fields.
You may have wondered about our brand name Lolicé. As the family is very important to us, we combined the names of our three daughters, Lola, Lissy and Celia. In the meantime ,"Lolicé" became an internationally known and rewarded wine brand.
The protection of the environment is for us an important engagement. We are engaged in the protection of our ecosystem and do everything to protect the quality of the ground water. We are not using any fertilizers or herbicides on our fields and try everything possible to protect our environment.

Vine vineyard Lolice
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